Paintings by Claire Lew


My name is Claire Lew. I'm an entrepreneur, CEO, and artist.

Art has always been a meaningful part of my life. My mom is an artist. I grew up making 'n messing with anything I could get my hands on.

Today, I paint to get back to that part of me. To use my hands, emerge out of my head, and be in touch with something deeper. Physical manifestations of a nonphysical state. Release. Catharsis. Exploration.

For me, painting is an attempt to answer a question. What happens when you dive into uncertainty? When you try to understand something that doesn't have any inherent narrative? When edge meets edge? When you're in something but outside of something at the same time? Is it possible to experience meaningfulness without suffering and pain? What is our sense of self without our acknowledgement and boundedness to community? Does energy come from within us, outside of us, or both? What is courage?

I'm perpetually curious about the duality of life: The seemingly opposite that create coherence, the process of remember and forgetting and remembering again, the widening and contracting of life, the feeling of agency amidst the absolute randomness of it all.

I don't have any answers in my paintings. But I hope to live the journey of asking the questions, in the first place.

Thank you for coming along for the ride with me.

Here is a selection of my work. I am occasionally available for commissioned pieces. If you'd like to work together, I'd love to talk. Shoot me a note at